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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer free trials?

We do not currently offer trials, but our personal basic plan is perfect if you'd like to use some of our core features before upgrading to our premium plan. If you'd like to more about the plans we offer, check out the Pricing page to view them..

How many reports can I create?

Users on our basic plan are limited to creating 10 reports, but our premium plan lifts the limit so that you can create an unlimited number. If you'd like to know more about the plans we offer, check out the Pricing page.

Can I save my reports?

Every report you create is saved to your Reportr account so you can retrieve it later, whether you're on our basic or premium plan. Simply create a report, and visit the Manage Reports page to view, edit and export them..

Can I export my reports?

Our premium plan users can export their reports to PDF with just one click. If you're on our premium plan, just visit the Manage Reports page, find the report you want to export, and select the download icon..

Do you offer enterprise plans?

We offer two kinds of plans: personal plans for individuals, and enterprise plans for schools, colleges, Universities of all shapes and sizes. If your educational institution is looking to use Reportr, visit our Enterprise Pricing page..

Are annual plans cheaper?

Yes! You can sign up to Reportr for one month, but all of our annual plans come with a great discount of 44% or more! For more information, visit the Pricing page.